How to Start Your Songwriting Career

Writing a Song

So you have decided that songwriting is what you want to do but don’t know how to get started. Assuming you play an instrument and know how to read and write musical notes, the following tips will help you get started on your way to making a career out of songwriting.

1. Learn how to write a song – There are many ways to write a song but essentially what it comes down to is being able to write great lyrics and even better music, and then putting them together in such a way that others will find them enjoyable to listen to. There are many resources for learning how to write songs.

2. Write songs – While this may seem obvious it takes more than one song for most people to become legitimate songwriters. Many of the great songwriters wrote hundreds of songs, with most of them never making it into a recording studio. Get as many songs in your portfolio as you can before even thinking of approaching a publisher.

3. Collaborate with an experienced songwriter – One of the best ways of improving your songwriting skills is to collaborate with someone who has more experience, and preferably some success. Learn everything you can from them. They are likely to give you some great tips that you might not be able to learn anywhere else.

4. Join a Performing Rights Society – As well as helping you protect your songs and ensure you get your performance royalty should someone decide to record your song, a performing rights society will often have workshops designed to help new songwriters get their foot in the door with producers and the like. These workshops are often helpful in teaching a new songwriter more about the songwriting business and the music business in general.

5. Approach a publisher – Once you feel confident that you have a song (or several) that is worthy of recording it is time to approach a publisher. It is not wise to approach one of the major publishers at this time because you are an unknown in the songwriting industry and it may be difficult for you to get your songs heard. Try one of the independent or smaller publishers first.

6. Don’t give up – Don’t allow rejection to deter you from your goal. If you truly have your heart set on becoming a published songwriter and believe you have what it takes, then keep writing songs. As with many skills songwriting takes practice and it may be that you have to write a large number of songs before you finally write that one that will become a hit.