About Us

group of various talents

We are a group of various talents from within the music industry and have gotten together to create a place for music lovers, musicians, singers, songwriters and anyone who has an interest in music to gather and enjoy everything the world of music has to offer.

If you are new to the music industry or trying to get your start as a musician or songwriter we are here to help you with practical advice, tips, resources and more. We regularly run contests and competitions to discover new talent, with the opportunity to win great prizes.

The aim of this site is to provide anyone who is looking to either become a musician or songwriter, or has begun their music career but needs some assistance to take it to the next level, with the resources and information that will set them on the road to a fulfilling and successful career.

Our goal is to be the ‘go to’ site for everything you could possibly want to know about the music industry, from how to learn to write your first song to where you can get your first song published and everything in between. We want you to look on this site as a resource to help you wherever you are in your music career, whether a beginner or already with some experience. We want this site to become a community of like-minded music lovers, where you can feel welcome and have the opportunity to meet others who are involved in the music industry.

One of the ways we support new musicians and songwriters is with competitions that allow new talent an opportunity to showcase their music, and the winner can receive a publishing and development deal, cash prize and more!

We welcome anyone who has an interest in music, particularly if you are newly starting out on your music career. If you have friends and family with an interest in music, please feel free to tell them about our site!