Welcome music lovers and songwriters from around the world! We know what it is like to have a song in your blood and not know how to get others to hear it. It’s not always easy to break into the songwriting business but when you do you know that your songs may be enjoyed by millions worldwide, and there is no feeling quite like it.

Knowing how hard it can be to get your songwriting career off the ground we have provided a help section just for you. In the help section you will find information that will help you start your songwriting career from writing your first song to promoting it. If you have already written some songs but don’t know what the next step is you will find the information you need in the help section.

It takes talent and dedication to become a successful songwriter. You may have the talent and the dedication to make it big in the music industry but don’t have the knowledge and skills it takes to go from unknown to one of the most highly sought-after, popular songwriters of this century. Once you have one successful song recorded and getting airtime you will find that, provided your song is received well and becomes popular, other recording stars may want to record one of your songs.

In order to become popular you will need to write more than one hit song. You should dedicate yourself to creating as many top quality songs as you can. While you may feel that your songs are all hits that is only natural, but others may not feel the same way. Some songwriters write hundreds of songs before they ever create that one song that will make them famous in the music industry. Being aware and prepared to work hard is vital if you want to succeed.

Do that and you’ll live happily ever after

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5 Most Popular Songwriters of All Time

Bob Dylan

1. Bob Dylan

With a huge number of hits under his belt Bob Dylan is an amazingly talented singer-songwriter whose songs have been sung by some of the greatest musicians of all time, such as Manfred Mann, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, and The Byrds, before he started taking his songs to the top of the charts himself. It is believed that Bob Dylan has written well over 400 songs.

Paul McCartney

2. Paul McCartney

While McCartney didn’t write all of the songs The Beatles performed and turned into worldwide hits he was certainly responsible for many of them, and some would say he was the better songwriter of all of the songwriting members. After the demise of The Beatles McCartney went on to write and perform several more hits with his band Wings, including the well-known title track on the “Band on the Run” album.

John Lennon

3. John Lennon

Lennon’s talent as a songwriter has been enjoyed over and over again, originally while singing and writing songs for The Beatles, but also after the band split up. His collaborations with McCartney on many of The Beatles songs certainly contributed significantly to the band’s success. Sadly, though his music lives on and is still enjoyed by many of his fans worldwide, his life was cut short and the world was robbed of one of the most influential songwriters of our time.

Chuck Berry

4. Chuck Berry

Reputed to be the very first singer-songwriter, Chuck Berry entertained thousands during his career, with many of his songs becoming hits. Not only was Berry a great singer-songwriter but he was also a fine musician and would often play his guitar while performing. Chuck Berry paved the way for many great artists and although it is unlikely you will hear his music played on modern radio stations if you tune into a “Golden Oldie” station you are bound to hear Chuck Berry at his best.

5. Smokey Robinson

Revered by many of his music counterparts as lyrical genius, Robinson’s songwriting talent was equaled by his singing ability. With a long string of hits under his belt, Robinson has been deemed the most influential R&B singer-songwriter of all time. While he may have come from meager beginnings, Smokey Robinson’s songs have been sung by many great artists, with perhaps the most well remembered by music lovers being “My Girl”, sung by The Temptations and still playing on radio stations today.

Smokey Robinson